Sep 8 — Oct 15, 2016
New York, Chelsea

In conflating the brushstroke, the stroke of a pen and the tap of the touchscreen as a mere extension of the brain and the posture of the body, the possible definitions of expressionism widen considerably. The letters of the alphabet become the image itself—the brick and pixel from which the signature, grievance, plea, demand, profane declaration or mea culpa is constructed.

These letters, in sequence and in artworks, become forms that transmit and then transcend the message. The surface of the work becomes a filament that conducts extra-textual heat and light. In this instance, negativity often holds sway. Aggression, desperation and pessimism underpin the proceedings. Humor is present of course, but like most comedy, it’s often a disguise for something more malignant.

Other sneakier transformations occur as well. Text and image combine to form allusive illustrations, and a found object becomes a sign of the times. Advertising slogans are repurposed to negative effect, and the humdrum list becomes a lyric poem, the repetition of a phrase a rhythmic mantra. 

Participating artists include:
Mike Bouchet, Kathe Burkhart,  Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe,  Andrew Kuo, Tony Matelli, Adam McEwen, Jason Nocito, Scott Reeder, Aïda Ruilova, Davina Semo, Josh Smith, and Devin Troy Strother


Mc sms sos 02
Installation View. Photo: Daniel Perez.
Matelli ancient echo 2002
Tony Matelli, Ancient Echo, 2002, silicone, fiberglass, hair, t-shirt, silkscreen, 36 × 34 × 32 in., 91.4 × 86.4 × 81.3 cm. Collection Glenn and Amanda Fuhrman NY, Courtesy the FLAG ART Foundation
Mc sms sos 05
Installation View. Photo: Daniel Perez.
Kuo, news, 2016, acrylic and carbon transfer on linen, 86 x 62 in
Andrew Kuo, News (6.27.2016), 2016, acrylic and carbon transfer on linen, 86 × 62 in., 218.4 × 157.5 cm
Freeman lowe, 99 cent sunlight, 2016, ink and rabbit skin glue on linen, 69 ¾ x 50 x 1 in. 177.2 x 127 x 2.54 cm cnon 58.267
Jonah Freeman + Justin Lowe, 99 Cent Sunlight, 2016, ink and rabbit skin glue on linen, 69 3/4 × 50 × 1 in., 177.2 × 127 × 2.5 cm
Mc sms sos 01
Installation View. Photo: Daniel Perez.
Kuo, news (6.27.16), 2016, acrylic and carbon transfer on linen, 86 x 62 in. 218.44 x 157.48 cm cnon 58.210 (detail 1)
Mike Bouchet, Mad Addi 5, 2014, oil paint on cotton canvas, 82 5/8 × 59 in., 209.9 × 149.9 cm
Semo, our laws will finally get the respect they deserve, he said, 2016, bulletblocker nij iiia bulletproof guardian backpack, hook, 20 x 15 x 6 ½ in  50.8 x 38.1 x 16.51 cm, cnon 58.206 ds 739
"OUR LAWS WILL FINALLY GET THE RESPECT THEY DESERVE," HE SAID, 2016, BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Guardian Backpack, hook, 20 x 15 x 6 ½ in . Photo: Daniel Perez.
Mc sms sos 06
Installation View. Photo: Daniel Perez.
Kathe Burkhart, Fuck Off from the Liz Taylor Series (Backlot shot), 2014, acrylic, acrylic letters on canvas, 90 × 60 in., 228.6 × 152.4 cm