Davina Semo


Jan 10 — Feb 15, 2014
New York, Chelsea

Davina Semo makes sculpture that is shaped by questions about self-awareness and relationships in a world of hustle, desire, isolation, technology, speed, survival, discipline and love. Using concrete, glass, and metal, Semo has developed a formal syntax that is imbued with narrative. In her hands, these materials suggest autobiography; they become emblems of power and control between populations, lovers and enemies. Emphasized by her distinctive titles, the artist employs poetics as pneumatics—in ating Minimalism’s deliberate remove with a rugged humanity.

There is an appealing slippage between sculpture and practices of painting, drawing and writing. Concrete works, their surfaces hacked and molded into the impression of a thick impasto, are emblazoned with a range of emotive colors, forcing an oscillation between the heft of the material and the pure ecstatic painterly surface. Large scaffolding Xs, elegantly re-engineered in brass, cut slender paths across the walls and oor creating a sculptural line that forces architecture into complicity. Etched one-way mirrors reference modes of gestural abstraction and imply fencing architectures of surveillance and exclusion, while simultaneously implicating the viewer’s re ection alongside the distorted re ections of nearby works.

As a method of unifying discrete works into a cohesive installation, Semo focuses on small but critical details by designing hardware and plinths that belie the rough affect of the work. Multi- part sculptures are slung like old sneakers over systems of poles that bisect the space, continually bringing the implications of street life to bear on the rare ed sanctum of the gallery. In tone and material alike, both toughness and grace are bound in a perpetual, mutually reinforcing exchange.


Davinasemo ruderformssurvivemarlboroughchelsea2014installationview26
MAYBE IT’S JUST THAT WHEN THINGS ARE GONE THEY AINT COMIN BACK, 2013, silicone bronze, 13 1/8 × 2 5/8 × 1 in., 33.4 × 6.7 × 2.5 cm
Davinasemo ruderformssurvivemarlboroughchelsea2014installationview19
SHE LOOKED FOR A BELL BUT THERE WERE JUST THE WIRES HANGING FROM A HOLE, 2013, brass, steel, 17 × 234 × 22 in., 43.2 × 594.4 × 55.9 cm
Davinasemo ruderformssurvivemarlboroughchelsea2014installationview5
Installation View.
Davinasemo ruderformssurvivemarlboroughchelsea2014installationview4
I WILL BE HARD AND HARD. MY FACE WILL TURN RAIN LIKE THE STONES, 2013, painted steel chain, 80 × 86 in., 203.2 × 218.4 cm
Davina semo ruder forms survive, marlborough chelsea, 2014, installation view 8
THEY SEEM TO COME TO ME ASKING TO BE BROKEN, 2013, brass, 7 elements, dimensions variable
Davinasemo ruderformssurvivemarlboroughchelsea2014installationview6
Installation View.
Davina semo ruder forms survive, marlborough chelsea, 2014, installation view 14
Installation View.
Davinasemo ruderformssurvivemarlboroughchelsea2014installationview24
SHE PASSED BY, MOVING THOUGH THE STREETS LIKE A DOG AT LARGE, 2013, pigmented, reinforced concrete, wire glass, enamel paint, 2 slabs: 28 x 74 1⁄2 x 2 1⁄2 in., 71.1 x 187.96 x 6.35 cm; 28 x 42 x 2 1/2 in., 71.1 x 106.6 x 6.35 cm


Davina semo ruder forms survive by roberta smith the new york times marlborough
Davina semo survival instincts by molly elizalde interview magazine marlborough